Happy Bipolar Life

By Melody

Photo by Nitish Meena

My Story

     I come from a family riddled with mental health problems. My mother, my grandmother and my great grandmother have all dealt with it. I have been hospitalized for it 3 times in 2 years. I have tried multiple medications and combinations and finally we tried ECT.
     My bipolar has affected my marriage and my physical health. It has controlled my aspirations and achievements and has always been there in my face. Luckily after years of hard work and persistence I am happy and stable. I have not had a depressed eisode or manic episode since last year!
     I know everyones story is different but I hope we can share stories and ideas to help us no longer feel alone or hopeless.

My Life

I live a pretty typical 'stay at home mom" life! I love that I have been able to raise my children and still contribute to the income with my online business. I enjoy reading and playing my guitar. I run and workout often and I have found this to be key in my happiness. I am very routine and schedule oriented and this too has helped with my mental health. I have 4 kids and a dog. My mental health and issues are most apparent to my oldest as she can understand whats happening when it does. I hope to continue to learn knew skills. I want to continue to improve my mothering and I know I can be there one day for my children when they to struggle as I have.